Postcard Auction
Try to secure that card you've been searching for !

The Auctions will resume in early 2015 .... be advised the cards shown below are from the last auction .....


Highest bidder wins. Final bid date - last day of month. Payment in any western currency or UK cheque plus $1 or 0.50 postage. Nice and easy !.
(All cards start at minimum bid of 5USD or your equivalent currency. Winners notified at start of following month. Tied bids settled on earliest bid date. Accept Cash from outside the UK, cheques from within. Cards despatched within one week of payment. Postage 0.50, 1USD or your currency equivalent. Good luck !!)

Submit your bid by e-mail (Please quote reference number when bidding)

Ref: 2701

Ref: 2702

Ref: 2703

Ref: 2704

Ref: 2705

Ref: 2706

Ref: 2707

Ref: 2708

Ref: 2709

Ref: 2710

Ref: 2711

Ref: 2712

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