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March 2008 - 'My Favourites'

A look at some of my favourite cards collected over the last 8 years of the web site. I thought it would be easy to find 6 but in truth, I could have listed 26!! These cards mean just that little bit more to me.

My all time favourite overseas card and a superb DC-3 of Silver City on the apron at Le Touquet.

One of my first'Holy Grail' cards ... a Bristol freighter of Manx shown at Ronaldsway.

The hardest to find Prestwick ... semi modern ... a Caravelle on delivery to United.

My second 'Holy Grail' card ... a view of the original Carlisle airport.

My favourite Newcastle card .. .how I remember finding 20 of these in a shop in Hexham only 5 years ago!!

One of two different ... the first postcards ever produced from my Local airport. Probably opening day July 26th 1935.

Now all I need is a card from Norwich to complete a UK set...any offers??!!

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