Airline of the Month
A monthly look at one airline's history through postcards

March 2008 - 'My Favourites'

A look at 6 of my favourite airline issues which have found their way into the collection over the last 40 years.

Moormanair DC-3 - thanks to Dave Prins for giving me the chance to obtain this great card at a swop meet many many years ago!!

California Central DC-4 - chased this card for years and eventually won it on Ebay for the princely sum of $5 !!

Liberian National Airways DC-3 - a gem, in a batch of cards I received out of the blue through the post !!

Martins Air Charter Dove - it's Dave again .... another gem of a Dutch carrier, visited Newcastle so had to have it!!

Just one of my favourite and earliest airline issue - comes from the days when I used to write to airlines asking for cards!!

Air Liban DC-4 - the day I went to a local postcard fair, many years ago and picked up 30 similar quality cards all for 50p ... those were the days ... never to be forgotten!!

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