Airline of the Month
A monthly look at one airline's history through postcards

December 2000 - QANTAS

VH-EAG L1049C (c/n 4176) Still flying ?

VH-EAM L1049H (c/n 4801) reduced to spares as N7776C during 1970's in Florida

VH-EAB L749A (c/n 2565) b/u Uruguay as CXBHC during 1970's

VH-EAE L749E (c/n 2505) b/u in Alaska as N1552V after 1969

VH-AIJ DC3 (c/n ?) details anyone ?

VH-EBM DC4 (c/n 42918) Crashed off Brindisi as OD-AEC 9/7/62

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